Contribute to the Bursary Fund

It is with great excitement that the Stannies Old Boys Association have created a Bursary Fund.

This fund, we trust, one day will grow, through the support of Old Boys, into a signifi cant investment portfolio. Not only are we investing in the future of Stannies as a Vincentian educational facility, but an investment in tomorrow’s leaders.

The Stannies Old Boys’ Bursary Fund has been created for the benefi t of families who wish for their sons to have a quality catholic education as provided by the Vincentian Priests & Brothers at St. Stanislaus’ College since 1867.

250 ClubThe Old Boys’ Bursary Fund is an excellent way for Old Boys and the present Stannies Community to assist those families who otherwise may not be able to afford a Stannies education.

A board made up of four Old Boy members, the Headmaster and the President of the College control the Stannies Old Boys’ Bursary Fund. Bursaries will be limited to a maximum contribution of 50% of annual standard fees. The Bursary Fund will award bursaries annually to those students who successfully fulfi l the criteria as set.

Supporting the Old Boys’ 250 Clubs will enable the Association to fulfil its charter assisting other young men achieve similar success within the wider community as so many Old Boys have done before them.

The Old Boys’ Association aims to conduct 250 Clubs each year as the major fundraiser for the Bursary Fund. 

How many draws and what Prizes are on offer?

One draw will be a Tuition/Boarding credit to the value of $6,500.00; the other, on this occasion, a $5,000.00 Petrol card redeemable through the national retailer of your choice.

Draws will be progressive depending upon demand.

Tickets may be purchased in separate forward draws, and the number of draws conducted will not be limited on an annual basis. The later prizes will change from time to time. However, the Tuition/Boarding credit we anticipate will be a permanent promotion.

Transferring Prizes

The winner of the Tuition/Boarding credit has the option to transfer the prize, with approval of the Bursary Board, to an intended reciepitant. That is, grandparents may transfer the benefit of the prize to their grandsons, or aunts and uncles to nephews or indeed family friends etc.

Naturally, the prize is redeemable at Stannies only, and not redeemable for cash. Cheques should be made payable to Stannies Old Boys Association.

The Stannies Old Boys Association looks forward to your support for our endeavours.